Aimei - Yandere Type

"Some people think I can be obsessive, compulsive and weird. I guess knowing what I want and not wasting any time to get or achieve it is considered bad? So what if I do things and think differently! I don't let the noise get the best of me. I let the noise become a part of my voice. I'd rather be the happiest and best of me rather than be another Normie (Normal)."

5' 6"

Yandere Love Club

Inventor (On Hiatus)

  • Likes: Fast food, People with odd personalities, and jellyfishes.
  • Dislikes: Waiting in Lines, Hot/Humid Weather, and slow people.
  • Hobbies: Escape Rooms, Modifying things to do something they're not meant to do, and collecting information/data.

Backstory: (Currently Re-Working)

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Aimei Works

mikwerdna x CG - Chattering Ballerina

A lovely ballad of the sounds in Aimei's head.