Nanami - Dandere Type

"I would love to travel to new places, connect with new friends, and dance my heart away in a festival! But… a lot of unpredictable things can happen. What if I forget the right shoes or I can’t stop myself from smiling? I would be so embarrassed! All these fears dwell within my mind and hold me back from enjoying life to the fullest. I want to bring the magic of music to the world, but I fear the gaze of silent judgement and hateful comments on a creator’s work. Those things scare me! With my whole heart I want to… but I just can’t.."

5' 11"

Dandere Love Club

Audio Engineer

  • Likes: Interesting Sounds, Multi Colored Drinks, and Recycling.
  • Dislikes: Crowded Places, Open Toed Shoes, and Overgrown Facial Hair.
  • Hobbies: Recording and Cataloging sounds, Listening to all genres of music, and Drinking Boba.

Backstory: (Currently Re-Working)

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Nanami Works

'You used to like anime' Nanami Short Story

mikwerdna x CG - Migraine

Leave the world behind with Nanami.